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  • Travel Report: Italy in Review 🇮🇹

    Hello from Delta flight 67 Rome to Atlanta! Now that our time in Italy has wrapped up, I thought I’d try to compile some thoughts on our overall experience in Italy. This was my first time traveling in Italy. I’ve been wanting to visit for some time since I love Italian food and I have … read more

  • Travel Report: Puglia

    Hello from Puglia, aboard the train headed to Rome. Puglia was the last leg of our trip in Italy, aside from tonight in Rome before we catch our flight back to Atlanta tomorrow. So, let’s cover what we got into in Puglia! We stayed in a house just outside the city of Noci. It was a great … read more

  • Travel Report: Tuscany

    Ciao from Noci in the Puglia region of Italy! Get ready for a giant, image heavy post about our time in Tuscany! There’s so much beautiful scenery, I absolutely failed to edit this down. To start, and a big highlight of this part of our trip, was the Tuscan villa and farm where we stayed. This … read more

  • Travel Report: Florence

    Buonasera from Tuscany! Tonight’s post has the highlights from our time in Florence. We’ve been in Tuscany for a few days now and it’s taken me a while to get this post together because there’s so much I wanted to cover even though we only had 2 nights in Florence. And the … read more

  • Travel Report: Roma

    Ciao from on board the Frecciarossa high speed train to Florence! Rome was incredible! It’s hard to capture everything in one post, just like it’s hard to capture like 2,500 years of history in a few days in Rome! Still, here’s the highlights! I successfully linked up with my … read more

  • Travel Report: Milan to Rome and the end of my solo train journey

    Ciao from Rome! With my arrival in Rome, this marks the end of my solo journey that started in London, England. I’ve managed to make it all this way with nothing but train travel and my own two feet! Milano centrale. But before reflecting further, here’s my ride from Milan. This is … read more

  • Travel Report: A day in Milan 🇮🇹

    Buona sera da Milano! I spent the day wondering around Milan, here’s what I got into. The first stop for me today was Castello Sforzesco, a castle from the Renaissance era. It was fun to see the huge courtyards with their impressive architecture. Don’t forget to look up every now and … read more

  • Travel Report Special Edition: How I packed for 1 month

    There’s some interest in how I packed for this trip, so here’s a post about that. (Hi, Su!) I knew I needed to develop a packing strategy ahead of the trip so I could be away for about a month. I also had a few other goals: Have a carry-on sized bag so I wouldn’t need to check it … read more