Ciao from on board the Frecciarossa high speed train to Florence!

Two modern red high-speed trains are parked at an urban train station under a clear blue sky. An overhead power line system is visible above the trains.

Rome was incredible! It’s hard to capture everything in one post, just like it’s hard to capture like 2,500 years of history in a few days in Rome! Still, here’s the highlights!

I successfully linked up with my beautiful wife, Beth, in the late afternoon on June 2. We had some drinks and a bit at the hotel, before we went out later for more drinks and dinner.

A person standing on a cobblestone street in Rome, surrounded by narrow buildings with wooden shutters and ornate doorways. The individual is wearing a patterned dress and red shoes, and is holding a phone, with a crossbody bag.

The next day was all about the Colosseum and Roman Forum. It’s hard to describe how amazing it is to see this ancient structures and to try to imagine the city during the Roman Empire.

Image of the interior of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. The structure is partially intact with exposed ancient stone and numerous arches. Visitors are seen walking through the ruins and pathways within the Colosseum under a blue sky filled with scattered clouds.

Interior of the Colosseum in Rome, featuring ancient stone ruins and structural remains of the amphitheater. Multiple levels of arches and seating are visible, alongside groups of visitors exploring the site. Bright sunny sky above with minimal clouds.

Ancient Roman ruins under a partly cloudy sky. A rectangular reflective pool with water lilies is in the foreground, and scattered statues and grassy areas are visible. People are walking and observing the ruins. Tall stone structures stand in the distance, surrounded by lush, green grass.

Panoramic view of the Roman Forum in Rome, Italy, showcasing ancient ruins including temples, columns, and stone structures. The vast archaeological site is dotted with greenery and visitors exploring. The background features more historic buildings and arches set against a blue sky.

Later, we headed up to see Trevi Fountain.

The image shows the Trevi Fountain, a famous Baroque fountain in Rome, Italy. It features intricate sculptures of mythological figures, including Oceanus standing in the central niche, surrounded by tritons and horses.

Dinner at an enoteca where I loved this paccheri with sausage and asparagus. It was simple, but great! I’m now in love with the paccheri pasta shape.

A plate of pasta with large tube-shaped noodles, topped with grated cheese. The pasta appears to be mixed with asparagus and ground meat. The dish is served on a white round plate.

The next day, we started in the morning with a food tour with Sophie, which was great. We walked around Rome, mostly the Trastevere neighborhood, having small bites as we went. Roman food is great, it’s a lot of meat (Mortadella is a local favorite), cheese, and bread, which is just perfect in my book. Even something as simple as tomatoes, cheese, and olive oil was amazing. The tomatoes were probably the best I’ve ever had. Don’t forget the baked goods, like the cookies from this bakery, which is the oldest in Rome.

A quaint bakery with a vintage aesthetic. Various baked goods, including bread and pastries, are displayed on counters and shelves. A woman in a red shirt is working behind the counter. The bakery features large baking equipment and a glass display case.

One of the things about Rome is how you will see ancient ruins and stunning buildings everywhere you go in the city center.

The image depicts the ruins of an ancient Roman temple complex, surrounded by modern buildings, some trees, and columns. The sky is clear and sunny.

Here the legendary Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome.

A statue of the Capitoline Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus is mounted on an ornate column in front of an old building with stone and brick walls. The background features sculpted plaques and architectural details. The scene is situated in an outdoor urban setting.

A picturesque street.

A narrow cobblestonek street with people walking in both directions. The street is lined with old buildings featuring shutters, balconies, and some greenery. An ATM machine is visible on the left side near a building entrance. Bright sunlight filters through the buildings.

I loved this weird fountain.

A stone fountain with a grotesque face sculpture has water flowing from its mouth into a basin below. The backdrop includes an old brick wall and parts of nearby buildings, with green trees and a blue sky in the background.

Dinner last night was at Trattoria da Enzo in Trastevere. I had no idea how popular this restaurant was, until we showed up and saw the giant line! They serve traditional Roman food. We loved the carbonara, amatriciana, and meatballs.

A busy narrow street in an urban area with people queuing outside a building, likely a popular restaurant or cafe. The street is lined with old buildings featuring shutters on windows. The crowd includes people looking at their phones and conversing.

Now, we’ll be arriving in Florence shortly. We’ll have 2 nights here before we pick up a car and head out to Tuscany.