Ciao from Rome! With my arrival in Rome, this marks the end of my solo journey that started in London, England. I’ve managed to make it all this way with nothing but train travel and my own two feet!

Milano centrale.

A modern train station platform with railway tracks beside it under a large arched, glass-roofed canopy. A digital clock and departure information display are visible overhead. There are ticket vending machines labeled “Self Service” and “Biglietti”.

But before reflecting further, here’s my ride from Milan. This is Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa high speed train model ETR 1000, which I believe is the newer engine and cars.

A modern red high-speed train is stationed on a platform in a large, arched train station with a glass and metal roof. Passengers are standing on the platform near the train. A second train is visible on a neighboring track.

The image shows a Frecciarossa 1000 train labeled “PREMIUM” at a train station. The train’s window and carriage number 4 are visible.

The cabin on this car is a little bit nicer than my equivalent TGV from Paris to Lyon. This is also where I wrote the majority of this post.

Interior of a high-speed train, specifically a Frecciarossa train by Trenitalia. The image shows rows of seats with red headrest covers, a table with a water bottle, and an electronic device. The train window displays blurred greenery outside.

Arriving into Roma Termini.

A busy interior of a train station with travelers pulling suitcases and standing in line. The station features a high ceiling, large digital displays, and various shops along both sides. The floor is tiled in black.

Overall the trip went smoothly. One thing that surprised me was how many tunnels, long completely dark tunnels, this trip entailed. Looking at the map, it makes sense, as we have to traverse multiple mountain ranges. I don’t think it’d be feasible to travel at high speed over the mountains.

My hotel was close enough that I decided to walk.

A street scene in Rome. The view shows historical buildings with classic architecture on both sides. Scooters and motorcycles are parked along the cobblestone curb. People walk on the sidewalk under an overcast sky.

It’s amazing to me that we are staying right next to the Roman Forum. These ruins are steps away from the hotel’s front door. It’s hard for me to believe that ruins from 2,000 years ago are just right here!

The image shows the ruins of an ancient stone building, with scattered stone fragments and remnants of columns in a grassy, open area. In the background, there are arched structures, a blue construction tent, and trees. The sky is overcast.

So, I think now is a good time to reflect on the overall trip. There’s so much novel for me in this trip: new countries, new modes of transportation. Despite how unfamiliar I was with all of this, I think things went extremely smoothly. My trains all ran on schedule and I was able to complete each leg of the journey without a hitch.

Knowing what I know now, would I recommend trains, especially high speed trains, as a mode of travel between European cities? Absolutely. For me, traveling like this is just so much more relaxed than flying. If it’s realistic to take a train, that’s how I’d go in the future.

I really wish high speed rail would come to America. I think it enables a type of travel that isn’t really possible without it.

Ok, now for some highlights.

Favorite train: Glacier Express. How could I not choose this? It was just over the top in every way.

The image shows the interior of the Glacier Express train with spacious seating, large windows providing scenic views of lush greenery, houses, and mountains in the background. The seats are arranged around a central table, with clear glasses placed on top. The train has a luxurious

Favorite non-scenic train: Eurostar from London to Paris. This train had the nicest cabin and best service. Oh and not that this train isn’t scenic, the French countryside was beautiful, once you get through the darkness of the Chunnel. The only negative of the Eurostar is having to go through airport like security and passport control. But that’s all about Britain and the EU and not the train’s fault. But it’s notable that this is the only time I’ve had to go through security and passport checks like this.

Interior of the Eurostar high-speed train car with business class seating. The seats are arranged in pairs, upholstered in grey with yellow accents. Overhead luggage racks hold various bags and suitcases. Digital screens display information about the destination, which is Paris. Pass

Favorite stop: Zermatt, Switzerland. Seeing the Matterhorn both just from the streets of Zermatt where it seems to loom over the town as well as from mountain top via the gondola was absolutely incredible. From my experience, Switzerland is just an incredible country. So beautiful in many regards. I’m looking forward to returning someday.

A picturesque mountain landscape showcasing the snow-capped Matterhorn under a clear blue sky. The foreground features lush green hills and a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees.

Favorite city: Lyon, France. Historic and beautiful Vieux Lyon, good food, bike friendly. I’d like to return and spend more time here!

Lyon, France, showing the Sôane river with a motorboat passing under a concrete bridge. The bridge has streetlights and connects urban areas with historic buildings and dense greenery on the riverbanks. The sky is partly cloudy with blue patches.

Favorite train station: This is harder as I didn’t spend too much time in the stations…but I think it goes to St. Pancras in London. I loved all the glass ceilings and how it seems to mix modern and classic architecture.

The image shows the St. Pancras train station platform with people boarding a blue train. The station has a large, intricate arched roof made of steel and glass. A clock is prominently displayed above an entrance with a neon sign beneath it.

So, what next? Here in Rome, I’ll be linking up with my wife and we will travel around Italy. I arrived first due to her flight being delayed. (Hahah, train wins!)

I think this will conclude the daily travel reports. But I will try to post some highlights from each part of Italy. We will be staying a few days in Rome, Florence, the Tuscany countryside, then all the way down in Puglia outside Bari, finally back to Rome for our flight home. We will be taking trains to travel from Rome -> Florence and then Florence -> Bari. We looked into flights for the Florence -> Bari leg, but we really couldn’t find anything that made more sense than the train.

So, thank you very much for reading and following along with my trip! It’s been really incredible. I feel so lucky to have seen so many countries, cities, and sights along the way. I’m glad I could share some of it with you all here.