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Ex-Squarespace, where I was a staff software engineer working on server software. Giving Micro.blog a try to have more control over my social media presence.

My interests include: software development, technology/gadgets, the web/internet, biking, photography, space travel, coffee, food.

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The contents of this blog is cross-posted/federated in a number of places.

Mastodon: @dfj@doug.pub
I also use @dfj@hachyderm.io for more direct participation in the Mastodon ecosystem.

BlueSky: @doug.pub

RSS: https://doug.pub/feed.xml
This blog produces a good, old-fashioned RSS feed. I’d recommend an RSS feed aggregation service paired with a reader app. I currently use FeedBin paired with ReadKit. NetNewsWire is a good, open source client option. NewsBlur is another option that combines the aggregation and client into one service.