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  • Finished reading: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson 📚

    Book 1 of an epic series. I’m hooked!

  • Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

  • You can really get an incredible perspective of the smoke hanging over the US from the GOES satellite.

    The animation loops are fascinating too.

    GOES satellite view of the continential united states showing smoky air
  • Headset hot take: people will buy it for entertainment, but it’ll be a small market at that price. I don’t think the productivity use cases are compelling enough.

  • Yesterday’s guided mountain bike ride around North Carolina’s DuPont State Forest was perhaps one of the most challenging physical activities I’ve done, especially as a beginner on the mountain bike, but also one of the most rewarding!


  • Mount Mitchell, highest peak east of the Mississippi.

  • Daniel Ridge Falls hike

  • In Asheville for the weekend

  • Mountain biking at Blankets Creek and later a little hike around the Decatur Waterworks.

  • Sweetwater Creek State Park

  • Finished reading: The Apple II Age by Laine Nooney 📚

    I enjoyed this book’s historical look at the origins of personal computing through the lens of Apple II software. It takes a perspective that differs from what you’d hear from Apple itself or any other company that survived this age.

  • Thought I would be able to hold off until I have more time for gaming, but couldn’t help myself and started Zelda Tears of the Kingdom this morning!

  • Trying out cross posting from doug.pub to BlueSky, where I’m @dfj.bsky.social

  • A few photos from a weekend in Charleston, SC.

    The sunset from Folly Beach.

    The “Angel Oak” tree, which is 400 years old and hard to capture in a photo.

  • The Easy Roll and Slow Burn of Cassette-Based Software | Internet Archive Blogs

    But nestled in a relatively short span of time is the era of cassette-based loading, where actual audio tapes could have data stored on them, and played back to load into computers. In terms of adoption, the cassette-based software period is marked by people entering it and almost immediately clawing their way out of it as soon as they can afford to.

    My earliest computing memories are thoroughly in the floppy and hard drive era, so this was a fun read of what life was like just before this and how it connects to modern emulation.

  • I’ve been using the Arc Browser as my daily driver for the past few months. It’s a game changer for me. I’ve never felt like I’ve had my browser tabs so under control. If you are interested in an invite, let me know!

  • I’m reading about the Nostr protocol.

    I don’t really feel the need for another social network in my life. But UseNostr shows some use cases for the protocol beyond social networking. Not sure how compelling any of this is…but maybe worth keeping an eye on.

  • I built some prototype stuff with Deno (a modern JavaScript/Typescript runtime) and Fresh (a server-side/edge rendering web framework) this week and it was a promising experience. I’d bet this is going to be popular.

  • 🌎Happy Earth Day🌍

  • Currently reading: The Apple II Age by Laine Nooney 📚

    The hardcover book "The Apple II Age" standing next to a cup of coffee.