Hello again from St. Moritz!

I decided to have a rather low key day today, the skies were mostly overcast and after so many days of either travel or activities, I was feeling the need to recover.

So, what’s a low key day in the Swiss Alps look like? How about a short train ride, followed by a gondola? Sure, why not.

A red passenger train stationed at a platform amidst a mountainous landscape with snow-capped peaks and a grassy area in the foreground.

I’m learning that spring in St. Moritz, more so than Zermatt, is a very in-between season. Ski slopes and lifts are shut down. Summer activities largely don’t open up until a few weeks into June. In fact, there’s only one gondola and mountaintop open near St. Moritz: Diavolezza.

Snow-patched alpine landscape with a ski chairlift system and a partial view of a tunnel structure in the foreground. Cloudy skies suggest overcast weather.

A mountain peak with some snow, against a cloudy sky, with the lower slopes covered in grass and some power lines visible in the foreground.

My view from the top.

Snow-covered mountain landscape with overcast skies.

Normally, the view from here includes several higher peaks, including Piz Bernina, which is the tallest peak in the eastern Alps. But, no such luck today. However, I do think parts of the glacier were visible when the clouds cooperated. I stayed for a bit to see if things would clear up some, but more clouds rolled in. It also snowed/sleeted very slightly. I was at about 10,000 ft of elevation and even with the clouds, it was a curious combination of being hot and cold at the same time. Cold because of the air, but hot because of what little bit of intense sun made it through the clouds.

So, I decided to head back down the mountain. Here’s the view from the gondola on the way down.

Aerial view of a snowy mountain landscape with cable car lines disappearing into a cloudy sky.

A towering metal cable car structure with a mountainous background partially covered in snow under a cloudy sky.

My train back to St. Moritz pulling into the station.

A red train with the destination sign “St. Moritz” on the front, traveling on tracks surrounded by cars with a rocky, snow-patched mountain in the background.

From here, I returned to the hotel to have some tea and do some reading. I enjoyed the view of the lake and mountains while doing so.

Tonight, I’ll have an early dinner at the hotel and an early night. Tomorrow, I have the Bernina Express which will travel through the Bernina Pass to Tirano, Italy. After a short stop there, I’ll take a train to Milan.