Hello! A shorter update tonight because it’s late and I have an earlyish day tomorrow.

The main event of today was visiting the Louvre. It was incredible! I knew it was supposed to be great, but I really had no idea how great. What an amazing museum. I could probably write for an hour about what I saw and I barely scratched the surface of what the museum has on display. The Louvre Pyramid in Paris on a cloudy day with tourists queuing outside.

And I the then building itself is art, I mean look at this place!

A spacious museum hall with vaulted ceilings, brickwork arches, historical artifacts displayed in glass cases, and visitors observing the exhibits.

Interior of a museum gallery with classical architecture, featuring columns and sculptures, with visitors walking and observing the art.

Of course, the art on display is amazing as well.

A marble statue of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, depicted as partially draped and set against a red marble background.

I bought the self guided audio tour and was amused the device is a Nintendo 3DS. I have many questions about how this came to be. But it worked surprisingly well!

A handheld Nintendo 3DS gaming system is displaying a digital image of an ancient statue titled “The Lady of Auxerre,” perfectly lined up with the actual statue visible in a glass display case in the background of a museum.

After the Louvre, I strolled along the Seine until I reached the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower stands tall against a blue sky with clouds, surrounded by green foliage. A person is visible at the bottom right corner, appearing small in comparison to the towering structure.

After that, I took the metro–a quaint older tram/train/not sure what to call it with rubber wheels that ran along an elevated track–to the Montmartre neighborhood for dinner.

A cobblestone street in a quaint city quarter with pedestrians walking and some people taking photographs. Classic European buildings line the street, and there is a “Starbucks Coffee” sign on the right side.

The views on the way back from dinner were great. A nighttime view of a cobblestone staircase descending towards a brightly lit street, with city lights in the background, flanked by trees and walls with graffiti, and a person walking up the stairs.

The image shows the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris (Sacré-Cœur) illuminated at night, with a vintage carousel in the foreground, set against a backdrop of a dark evening sky with scattered clouds.

Tomorrow, we take the TGV to Lyon! Goodnight!