A few photos from a hike around Arabia Mountain Park.

A barren landscape with rocky ground and sparse vegetation under a clear blue sky.

A barren landscape with exposed rocky terrain and sparse vegetation under a clear blue sky. The foreground shows patches of red-hued ground cover, and scattered rocks and trees are visible in the distance.

An outdoor scene with tall pine trees under a blue sky with wispy clouds. A barren tree trunk stands in the center, with a bird perched on top. The foreground shows a patch of barren land with fallen branches and stumps.

A weathered sign next to a concrete structure in a barren landscape with trees and a clear blue sky with wispy clouds.

A small waterfall flowing from a forest creek through a stone wall, with fallen logs and bare trees surrounding it, reflecting a clear blue sky above.

A serene pond with reflections of trees and blue sky, and a rusty metal structure partially submerged in the water.

A forest floor covered with patches of light-colored lichen and scattered young pine saplings, with a backdrop of leafless trees.