Microsoft has, from what I’ve seen, the most compelling use case of AI to augment work: YouTube announcement video

I can definitely see myself using an AI assistant for work tasks like they demo. My big question is how accurate and trust worthy will it be? Will it hallucinate summaries of a missed meeting and lead you to the wrong conclusions? Seems it has the ability to cite it’s references, which is great if you want to double check or dig deeper into something it’s highlighting. But I’d also need to have enough trust in the system to not feel the need to follow references just for validating its conclusions.

Next, is Mozilla funding an AI startup (via Michael Tsai) with the goals of creating trustworthy and open source AI models. I’m glad to see this effort launch. If AI is really going to be as impactful as people think it will be, it shouldn’t be a technical capability that is only owned by corporations and governments.

I’m still on the fence about whether this manifestation of AI will usher in the future of human computer interaction, or it will be a fruitless experiment that results in cool demos but nothing more.